Great Question! Although each session (either recipe recreation or exclusive recipes) is designed individually and crafted to highlight each recipe, they will all include a minimum of 15 high resolution images, consisting of:

  • A vertical image of the ingredients
  • Multiple vertical images of the key steps in the process of the recipe
  • A variety of hero images, both vertical and horizontal, highlighting the recipe in various states (i.e., in a serving dish, scooped out, plated, etc.)

Click here to see an example session 

Do You Offer Refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the service I provide, I do not offer refunds. However, if there is an issue with the session or recipe you have purchased, please email me so that can work together to figure it out. 

What Exactly Am I Purchasing? (Let's Talk About Copyright)

As the photographer, I respectfully retain the copyright to the images, but here are some important notes about that to help ease your mind:

  • I will never resell any images to other bloggers. I only hold on to the copyright to use select images from the session for marketing purposes (website, social media, etc.) to help build and grow my business. 
  • As a licence holder (purchaser), you are free to use the images for business and personal use on any (and all!) digital platforms. The only restrictions would be if the images were to be printed in a way that would result in additional financial compensation for the owner of the image(s) (a good example would be a cookbook or magazine). Also, you would be unable to resell any of the images purchased from Hello Leno Photography. 
Where do these recipes come from?

Me! 🙂
I persoanlly create all the recipes you will find in the shop. I pull inspiration from all sorts of sources, but never directly copy. All the recipes are Copyscape tested to ensure originality. You may find similarities in some staple dishes (i.e., all macaroni and cheese dishes are going to have scrumptious cheese), but that is to ensure that the integrity of the recipe is upheld and that I am providing recipes that people are comfortable and familiar with.